T-Concert 2012  T爆大马群星演唱会2012
The More-T Live 2012 is one of the hottest events in the year where all the most discussed artists will be gathered on the same stage to perform. The event will be held on 26th May 2012, 7:30pm (GMT +8) at Sutera Mall Car Park located at Johor, Malaysia. This 20,000 people party is planned to rock the whole southern part of Malaysia with Amber, Alien, Alan, A Lin, Yao Yao, Jacky Wu, Sam Lee and another mysterious guest whom will made his/her special appearances to bring the excitement to the peak! To ensure the maximum impact for the surprise that the mysterious guest brings to the party, it was said that it’s lesser than 3 internal staff who knows the real identity of the mysterious guests. Remember to rock the party with your More-T Magical Toothbrush!